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We make maps. We sell maps. We love maps.

TerraPen Geographics has been in business since 2004. Our original business focused on doing custom cartography for North Idaho and Montana. In 2006 the focus changed from custom mapping to publishing. In 2007, while we continue to focus on publishing, we have expanded into the retail arena. Through the years our focus may have changed, but one thing has remained constant: we love maps.

TerraPen Geographics Publishing

At TerraPen Geographics we are committed to producing and publishing great maps for recreation, travel and geographic awareness. It is our intent to make high quality maps that are beautiful, easy to use, and effectively communicate their intended message. We conduct extensive research and put an emphasis on field checking to ensure accuracy. Our goal at TerraPen Geographics is to encourage and facilitate learning about the places in which we live and having fun outdoors through the use of our cartographic products.

The Map Store

In November 2007, we moved our publishing headquarters to an office space that happened to have a storefront on a busy downtown pedestrian thoroughfare. Originally the plan was to use the shop window to market our own local recreation & travel maps, but it was immediately apparent that there was a voracious demand for all kinds of maps. We are clearly not the only ones around here who love maps. And so the Map Store was born.

Our little “two hundred square feet of Mappiness” stocks every USFS Forest & Wilderness map for Idaho and Western Montana, plus select Forest & Wilderness maps for Washington & Oregon. We carry road & recreation atlases, raised relief maps, Raven maps, international maps, and geology maps. We have a nice selection of decorative vintage and retro maps—which are also available framed—and map cards and magnets. We offer print-on-demand maps for select areas. And if we don’t have it, we can probably get it. We want you to be mappy.

Visit The Map Store at 109 Main Street in downtown Sandpoint.. Check on our Calendar for current store hours and upcoming events.

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